Linguap ★ Chinese

Introducing Linguap ★ Chinese

The language app that makes learning Chinese easy

The language app that makes learning Chinese fun

Buy the books and chapters you need...

Purchase the chapters that you want, as you go along. Or even get some chapters for free.

Linguap’s library is set to expand, offering different books for different stages of learning Chinese.

Learn to read and write, speak and listen...

Learning a language isn‘t just reading and writing it; it is speaking and listening to it too.

Linguap uses beautiful animation to show you how to read and write Chinese characters, and professional recordings to help you pronounce and recognize spoken Chinese.

Test yourself and be rewarded...

Make learning more challenging—and rewarding!

Linguap allows you to test your progress in learning Chinese with interactive puzzles and games. Do well enough in these to earn points which you can redeem against other chapters and books.


Linguap — literally 'language app' — is a new and fun way to learn Chinese. Specially written for the iPad, Linguap will be available on the App Store shortly.

While it is launching in English-Chinese and iPad-only, the app will in the future be multi-lingual enabled, supporting people who speak up to over 40 different languages learn Chinese more efficiently.

Commercial Press

The Commercial Press, one of the most well known publishing companies in China, is a leading authority in the field of language reference books.

The Commercial Press has brought out nearly 50,000 titles for generations of Chinese and international readers, making important contributions to broadening China's academic, educational and cultural vision.


Communicarta Ltd – an independent and innovative cartographic research and design company and, latterly a travel publisher, successfully ventured into digital publishing on the Apple iOS platform, in jointly publishing its first iPhone application, The Shanghai Metro App, in collaboration with The Commercial Press. This was followed by another collaborative iOS application, Trapeze - Travel with Ease, and now Linguap.